Climate Impact: Transforming the Planet with Klippa Relocation

In the face of the looming climate crisis, the need for impactful climate action has never been more pressing. Klippa is rising to the challenge and is a corporate member of Ecologi, a leading climate action organisation that is making significant progress in driving tangible change.

Ecologi’s 2023 Impact Report showcases the organisation’s remarkable achievements, which have been boosted by the contributions of partners like Klippa Relocation. Through a diverse portfolio of carefully selected projects, Ecologi is not only addressing climate change but also driving sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, and social equity.

Driving Positive Change Across Multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals

One of Ecologi’s notable accomplishments is its ability to contribute to multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its various projects. In 2023, the carbon avoidance projects supported by Ecologi contributed to an average of 4.59 SDGs per project. Community-based projects averaged 7.25 SDGs, nature-based projects averaged 5.38 SGDs and renewables projects averaged 3.8 SDGs. This diversified approach ensures that Ecologi’s efforts have a far-reaching impact, addressing a wide range of global challenges.

Klippa’s Impactful Climate Contributions

Support from organisations like Klippa Relocation has been instrumental in enabling Ecologi to expand the reach and impact of its initiatives. Through Klippa’s contributions, Ecologi has been able to fund a diverse range of projects, from rainforest protection initiatives in Cambodia to reforestation efforts in Madagascar and wind power projects in Mexico, all of which are making a tangible difference on the ground.

Reforestation Efforts Soar: Over 76 Million Trees Funded

Ecologi’s reforestation efforts have been impressive, with the organisation’s community funding the planting of an astounding 76.9 million trees across eighteen countries as of the end of 2023. This includes 20.6 million trees funded in 2023 alone, representing 27% of the overall tree count. With the help of Klippa Relocation, Ecologi has also been able to plant 300,000 trees across the four nations of the United Kingdom, contributing to this significant growth.

Supporting Livelihoods Through Sustainable Projects

Ecologi’s agroforestry and reforestation initiatives not only promote environmental restoration, but they also contribute to socioeconomic development, supporting over 38,000 livelihoods. By supporting employment through these sustainable projects, Ecologi builds resilient communities.

Reforestation projects provide jobs in planting, forest protection, and maintenance, while agroforestry practices diversify income sources. Green social enterprises create new employment opportunities, and training and technical assistance empower communities to adapt to climate change.

Ecologi also supports green grants, social protection schemes, and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) campaigns, ensuring the health and well-being of rural communities. These initiatives demonstrate Ecologi’s commitment to integrated climate action that addresses both environmental and socio-economic challenges.

Carbon Removal

Ecologi has launched its first carbon removal projects, allowing the community to fund innovative solutions that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Unlike carbon avoidance, these initiatives are more expensive but critical in the fight against climate change.

The community enthusiastically funded Ecologi’s initial 1,056 tonnes of carbon removals, with the portfolio including biochar, blue carbon, and terrestrial afforestation projects.

This milestone represents a significant expansion of Ecologi’s impact, as the organisation now supports both emissions avoidance and active greenhouse gas removal. By pioneering these cutting-edge carbon removal initiatives, Ecologi and its supporters are positioning themselves as leaders in addressing the climate crisis.

Collective Action for a Sustainable Future

As the climate crisis continues to intensify, the need for impactful climate action has never been more urgent. Ecologi’s work, which receives support from sponsors like Klippa Relocation, is a prime example of how group efforts can lead to significant change and build a more sustainable future for all. Ecologi’s commitment to not only reducing emissions but actively removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere sets a new standard for environmental stewardship. By partnering with companies like Klippa Relocation, Ecologi is able to expand its reach and make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. Together, through collective action and collaboration, we can create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Help Stop the Climate Crisis

If you’d like to get involved, please visit our Ecologi page, where you can make a positive contribution. Your support and contributions will help fund projects that plant trees, protect forests, and support renewable energy initiatives. Together, we can work towards offsetting carbon emissions and creating a healthier planet for future generations. Join us in the fight against climate change and be a part of the solution.

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