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When moving to a new city for work, one of the biggest adjustments can be the language and culture. Particularly if staff are moving abroad, differences in language can be stark and understanding local customs is key to feeling settled and happy in a new environment. Our expert corporate language and cultural awareness training can help your employees quickly and effectively adapt to a cross-border assignment. We offer language training and cultural awareness programmes tailored to the needs of your business in order to lay the foundations for a successful move.

Klippa’s corporate language and cultural awareness training helps your employees to:

  • Develop essential language skills quickly and confidently.
  • Understand business etiquette and customs in their new country.
  • Learn on the go, with e-learning language classes available.
  • Feel settled in their new location.
  • Get personalised guidance when it comes to adjusting to different cultures.

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When moving across the globe, employees will need to pick up a new language quickly to be able to adjust to both everyday and business situations and be able to communicate effectively in their environment. Cultural differences also play a significant role in feeling settled and comfortable in a new country. Utilising corporate language training and cultural awareness training services can empower relocating and loved ones to feel at ease with these differences. Our supportive and experienced trainers will develop a personalised training programme that allows your employees and their families to settle into their new location. 

What Is Involved In Culture & Language Training?

Before embarking on a language training or cultural training programme, Klippa’s trainers will aim to understand the needs of both your business and employers to find the best way of teaching. Culture and language training can take place before, during or after relocation depending on how much support is needed before the move. Classes can take place in a variety of learning environments depending on the needs and location of your employee, including face-to-face, virtually, or through an e-learning platform. 

Typically, corporate language training focuses on the essential vocabulary needed to communicate in both a business and personal space. Should you wish for your employees to become more advanced in the language, training can also assist them with their continued language development.

Why Choose Klippa’s Culture & Language Training?

By providing your employees with language training and culture training from Klippa Relocation, you can empower them to forge meaningful connections in their new role and feel settled in quickly. Our culture and language training can also be extended to the families of your employees so that everyone involved in the move can feel welcome and happy. With specialised language support and cultural guidance, children will also be able to make friends and excel at their new school.

We also understand that many factors contribute to feeling settled after a corporate relocation and therefore have designed our culture and language training to complement our overall settling-in services. Whatever level of assistance you or your employees need, we can work with you to create a comprehensive corporate relocation solution.

Haseeb Shahid
Haseeb Shahid
Pippa and Mihaela made relocating to the UK from the US very smooth! They helped find flats, register for GPs, and teach me the neighborhood I'm moving into.
Divyansh Rastogi
Divyansh Rastogi
Extremely professional, proactive and accomodating!
Dan Berry
Dan Berry
Klippa made my move so simple! A huge thanks to Pippa, James and the rest of the team for all of their expertise and help.
Mary van Mil
Mary van Mil
Hele goede service. Geen moeite is te veel. Vriendelijk team.
Zeyad Abuamer
Zeyad Abuamer
Highly recommend. I was personally assisted by Pippa and she has been very helpful in every way.
Odselmaa Dorjsuren
Odselmaa Dorjsuren
Amazing people and great service! I actually had a lot of concerns about moving to different country, they made it so much easier for me. Thanks Klippa!
Rebecca Barkaway
Rebecca Barkaway
5* service provided by Klippa. Thank you so much for all your invaluable advice and assistance over the last few months.
Boyu Liu
Boyu Liu
The advisors and specialists have been very kind and helpful! They provide great suggestions and guidance on the process from finding a flat to settling down an agreement. Really appreciate their help!

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