Culture & Language Training

The ability to integrate into a new setting is vital to the success of any cross-border assignment. Our courses increase cultural awareness and provide your employees with the business etiquette and language skills essential for successful international relocation and assimilation.

Other family members will learn how to form new relationships in the community or at school and how to interact confidently and effectively in a variety of everyday situations, making the new experience less intimidating and much more enjoyable.

Language and intercultural intelligence training is tailored to the learner’s needs as well as the company’s goals and can take place before, during, and after relocation. Classes can be face-to-face, virtual, or delivered through an e-learning platform that provides a fully immersive learning experience.

Our supportive and experienced trainers empower relocating professionals and their loved ones to feel at ease in their new country, minimising the settling-in period and laying the foundations for international success.

Mr S. – Banking Company

“I would like to take this opportunity and thank you all for your help with the relocation process. Scott was of tremendous help during the process of the home search and settling in. I can only say, this is the best relocation experience I could have imagined.”

Mr L. – Cosmetics Company

“Laurens, the consultant from Klippa was awesome! He did a great job showing me the city and apartments, I have a much better understanding of the city’s layout and know which areas/neighborhoods I will focus my apartment search when I move.”

Mr B. – Cosmetics Company

“Thanks, Laurens. You were fantastic today, super great helping me manage my high risk with COVID. I have worked with and done a number of relos internationally, and I can honestly say your service has been the best I ever got.”

Mr Y. – Management Consulting Company

“Now that we are officially settled in to the new apartment (and have christened it with our first IKEA trip), we’d like to take a minute to thank you & the team for all of your help over the past two weeks – I’m sure you hear it often, but we genuinely don’t feel like we could have figured all of this out without you all. Having this team to lean on has very much enabled us to have an amazing first two weeks living here, which absolutely would not have been the case had we gone at it alone. So for that, thank you all very much!”

Ms C. – Toy Production Company

“It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, and I could see why my team was so positive about you. I was really impressed about how your schedule and recommendations were spot on.”

Mr B. – Private Client

“This is amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard effort and getting us there! We wouldn’t have had a chance without you!”

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