Why Klippa?

Klippa has experience managing various transferee types, including short-term assignments, long-term assignments, commuter contracts and permanent moves.

Our core team has extensive experience in delivering international and domestic relocation services and group moves across a spectrum of client profiles and customer demographics, from Fortune 500 tech to steel production, from the C-suite down to the shop floor.

We employ a range of specialists to handle the different sectors and profiles. Coupled with our ability to adapt and provide a flexible and broad suite of services, this allows us to make an offering that would suit most organisations and individuals.

Our Mission

We use location-sensitive technology to push the boundaries and deliver innovative destination services in an ever-changing world.

Behind the technology, our team listens, remains authentic and provides a unique experience in the global mobility marketplace.


Founded in 2012, Klippa has grown organically and has a track record of working with some of the world’s leading businesses. We have helped thousands of their employees safely and surely navigate their way across the globe.

Passionate and innovative, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognise and understand our clients’ specific requirements. We create unique solutions and complete them to the highest standard.

Our focus on technology has taken our service to the next level in the ever-changing landscape of international relocation. Investment into our proprietary relocation platform enables efficient relocation management for our teams and a convenient and intuitive user experience for our customers.

Our Coverage

With the UK fully covered since 2012, we expanded into the Netherlands in 2018 with other European countries to follow.

Our success in the Netherlands allowed us to pilot our technology and operating systems outside of the UK and build the foundations of our European offering.

Today, we have developed a stable and uniform network of Area Specialists offering consistency of service across five continents.

Industry Accreditations

Klippa is a member of the Association of Relocation Professionals and The European Relocation Association and holds the EuRA Global Quality Seal, an industry-specific certification tightly based on ISO 9001.


Klippa achieved the EuRA Global Quality Seal in 2020, reinforcing our strong emphasis on quality systems and ever-changing compliance.

The EuRA Global Quality Seal is an international audit standard that sets the benchmark for excellence in service provision and process management.

To further our commitment to quality, some of our employees have achieved the EuRA Managing International Mobility (MIM) qualification. The MIM programme provides relocation teams with the expertise necessary to deliver exceptional services to clients.

Social & Environmental Awarenesss

We aim to be a transparent and ethical organisation that makes positive contributions to society. Every employee can take paid time off to work on local projects that positively impact their local community. These projects remain fluid, and employees are actively encouraged to present an alternative cause. We have nominated the global Save the Children charity at the request of one of our employees.

From a sustainability perspective, we are fully committed to not harming the environment or depleting natural resources. We have been operating in a paperless environment for some years and have joined Ecologi to support reforestation and carbon offsetting projects. Ecologi is a platform for real climate action, facilitating the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year.

Mr B. – Private Client

“This is amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard effort and getting us there! We wouldn’t have had a chance without you!”

Mr K. – Educational Establishment

“Thank you for your excellent guidance in the apartment search and your equally good driving skills that allowed us to swiftly moved around the city. Discussing with you the options over coffee really helped me in making my decision.”

Mr C. – Media Company

“Thank you so much for all your efforts, patience and, beyond that and even without being able to see you, for doing everything with a smile.”

Mr A. – Aerospace Company

“Would like to say a huge thank you to Klippa Relocation, they’ve made this process so so simple and stress-free. Particularly Geri and Jamie. Looking forward to using your services again.”

Mr H. – Private Client

“We have been extremely satisfied with Joanne’s friendly efficiency and professionalism. She has been an invaluable support for us during the course both of our search and of the lead up to our Edinburgh visit.”

Mr B. – Cosmetics Company

“Thanks, Laurens. You were fantastic today, super great helping me manage my high risk with COVID. I have worked with and done a number of relos internationally, and I can honestly say your service has been the best I ever got.”

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