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We provide corporate relocation services to organisations of all sizes across all sectors. We specialise in delivering high-touch relocation support via our innovative technology and our strong focus on providing the best possible experience.


When your employee arrives in their new city, they may be a little disorientated and in need of some local expert guidance. Our local specialists connect with your employees before departure to discuss their specific needs, including the best locations and neighbourhoods for housing.

Home Finding

With extensive experience in planning and executing international moves, our service teams support your employee through every step of their journey.


Even when we speak the same language, what we take for granted at home might be complicated and frustrating to deal with in another country.

Temporary Housing

When your employee arrives in their new city, they may need some temporary accommodation before settling into a more permanent home.


Because education is typically the most important element in determining where your employee and their family will live, the school selection process must be A-grade. Emphasis on the children's education and well-being will greatly enhance the odds of assignment acceptance and subsequent success.

Destination Services

Your company will make a significant investment in each employee's relocation. Ensuring your employee receives appropriate support and the very best attention in the host location minimises the risk of early repatriation and capitalises the investment.

Departure Services

Your employee's relocation is coming to an end, but whether they are repatriating or embarking on another international assignment, there is still plenty for them to consider.

Move Management

With extensive experience in planning and executing international moves, our service teams support your employee through every step of their journey.

Moving Pets

A pet is more than simply an animal; it is a member of the family and a significant aspect of your employee's life.

Expense Management

The management and proper reporting of relocation expenses is an essential component of any global relocation programme.

Culture & Language Training

The ability to integrate into a new setting is vital to the success of any cross-border assignment.


In partnership with our carefully selected local immigration experts, we manage the entire immigration procedure, guaranteeing that our service conforms with all applicable laws as well as anti-bribery and anti-corruption programmes.

Expatriate Tax

All relocations - domestic, international, permanent or temporary - carry tax implications that only qualified taxation experts should handle.

Relocation Management

Your company makes a significant investment by offering employee relocation. Professional and skilled management of the entire relocation programme gives you and your employees peace of mind over service delivery and ensures assignment costs remain on budget.

Travel Booking

Getting to the right place at the right time can be a challenge, especially with constantly changing travel restrictions.


We offer a range of relocation consultancy services to assist you in providing a global mobility programme that aligns with corporate objectives and industry norms.

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Rental Market State of Play: May 2022

May appears to be a month of reflection when it comes to European rental markets. There is very little to report in the way of price changes – modest rises here, subtle falls there – but one thing unites London, Amsterdam, and Paris, and that’s what lies ahead. Klippa Relocation rounds up the forecasts that may affect the cost of renting and the choice of properties in the future, and balances this with a “per month” value* snapshot.

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Team Spotlight: Jamie Backler

As a Senior Relocation Coordinator, my role is mainly focused on making sure all of our assignees find suitable housing. I also liaise with our clients on a daily basis about all live files and new incoming jobs

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Team Spotlight: Laura Notty

As a Property Researcher, my role involves finding the best possible housing options for my client’s specific requirements, sometimes in a very short time frame. Having a wide spread of good work relationships with letting agents all over the UK helps to find the best possible solutions both on the market and off.

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Rental Market State of Play: April 2022

This month, the Financial Times announced a ‘global rental squeeze’ was taking place – a worldwide landscape where properties are reserved within hours of being listed and tenants are making offers well over the advertised rent in order to see off competition.

Klippa Relocation looks beyond the newspaper headlines to see whether the reported hysteria is affecting rental market values in London, Amsterdam and Paris.

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Team Spotlight: Becky Fallon

As a Relocation Coordinator, my role involves me working with the rest of the team to provide a seamless relocation process for our clients, with A* care, organisation and communication. Currently, I am undergoing training, learning about Klippa and dipping my toe in the water by carrying out home searches!

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Best Countries For Green Living For Expats

Expats looking for green living now have a number of eco-friendly destinations to choose from. And if you are already an expat, why not see if your country or city makes the top ten best destinations for green living for expats?

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