Climate Change & Relocation’s Role

If you’re a Donald Trump sympathizer and think climate change is a made-up phenomenon, you may want to look away now. For the majority of us, the effects of abusing our planet are clear – and need addressing. 

Extreme heat warnings are a new, never-needed-before alert issued by the UK’s Met Office. Devastating floods are sweeping across parts of Europe you’d never associate with tsunami-like rising waters. Temperatures in the Arctic continue to rise, resulting in alarmingly high sea levels. Wildfires regularly ravage swathes of America and Australia, scorching anything in their paths. Sadly, our news feeds are filled with climate disasters on an increasingly frequent (read worrying) basis.

While the grand gestures to tackle climate change are left to world leaders and multinational corporations, the tide is turning among the general population. A survey of consumers across Europe was recently conducted by appliance manufacturer Beko, setting out to establish attitudes to our planet and sustainability.  

In the UK alone, 88% of those surveyed felt it was their personal responsibility to help the environment. Respondents named human environmental damage as the most critical threat to the planet, followed by plastic waste, infectious diseases, natural disasters, natural resource crisis, biodiversity loss, food waste and water stress.  

It can feel like an immense struggle to improve your eco credentials – especially if you’re involved in a high-travel industry, moving from city to city or even country to country for a job; but it is possible, and every little helps, as they say. 


Here are Klippa’s sustainable living suggestions for those who are on the move or relocating: 

Relocate from A to B with consideration: Every mode of transport produces carbon emissions, but there are league tables and research to help you choose more wisely. BEIS/Defra Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors 2019 show that domestic and long-haul flights are the worst emissions offenders, while Eurostar is the most eco-friendly way of travelling. 

Choose your location wisely: Even though flexible working will allow many professionals to work from home, there will be times when a commute to the office is necessary. A rental property within walking distance is the ideal solution but failing that, opt for a neighbourhood with safe cycling routes or public transport links.

Go electric: It is sometimes unavoidable to rely on a car but given the choice, steer clear of petrol and diesel vehicles in favour of hybrid or 100% electric options. Brand new properties should be a serious accommodation consideration, as they are increasingly being built with charging points as standard. Prior research about local charging bays should be part of your decision-making process. 

Rent what you can: Manufacturing and transporting new goods contributes heavily to carbon emissions, and our throw-away society only exacerbates landfill problems. While renting a property will be the natural option, it is also possible to rent cars, furniture packs and even clothes. Not only does this cut reliance on mass-produced goods, but it also lessens the logistical implications of shipping furniture and worldly goods long distances. 

Everyday eco: The wise ‘reuse, reduce and recycle’ mantra can be adopted by everyone, both in the home and the workplace. From eliminating single-use plastics and recycling household waste using kerbside collections to using refillable systems for cleaning products and opting for low energy light bulbs, small yet collective eco-efforts can make a big impact. 

Choose a green relocation provider: Klippa Relocation is proud to be a Woodland Trust Corporate Partner, offsetting emissions and reducing the relocation industry’s environmental impact. The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, pledging to get 50 million trees in the ground over the next five years, and helping the UK achieve its carbon net-zero target. By choosing us, you’ll help create, restore and protect UK woodland. 


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