Coronavirus? The UK’s lettings industry is carrying on, regardless

Brexit? A new points-based immigration system? The weak pound? Who knew one of the biggest threats to the business world would actually be a highly contagious epidemic. 

Coronavirus has become such an international threat that it has put the brakes on tourism, manufacturing and the movement of people. Forecasters are warning the global economy will take a financial hit, with HSBC and Apple already alluding to profit and productivity setbacks as a result of the virus.

It was only a matter of time before the relocation sector also felt the impact. It may well be that you’ve experienced a delay in professionals entering the UK or perhaps you have heard of scaremongering when settling in new workers from other parts of the world.

Even in the lettings and property sector, advice on the Coronavirus has been circulated, with The National Landlords Association first to acknowledge the issue. The good news is the threat from the virus has been considered low in England, with letting agents and landlords not required to perform any special health checks when placing new tenants.

Due diligence and common sense is what’s required across the relocation sector and there is currently no disruption to our business. Far from it! Klippa Relocation is very busy finding suitable properties for professionals and providing orientation assistance to those who are moving from afar.

There are some pertinent pieces of advice, however, especially if you rely on the regular movement of professionals and international business travel. In anticipation that the Coronavirus outbreak may spread and more periods of isolation may be required, it is advised that you prepare now to minimize output and efficiency disruption due to an absent or isolated workforce.

Already employers are being urged to carry out a risk assessment to ascertain whether the working environment of high-risk individuals presents a risk of infection. If risks are identified, more quarantining may be needed, even if employees have no symptoms. It is possible that professionals relocating from oversees will be subject to a mandatory period of home confinement, so everything should be done to facilitate their arrival so they can start work immediately, even if they are not in an office.

If you are sourcing rental accommodation for relocators, ensure any property you consider has fast, reliable broadband so employees can work remotely. Properties with dedicated home offices can also be sourced – please ask Klippa Relocation for suitable accommodation with home working in mind.

If you have any special requirements for professionals moving to the UK, please contact us and we will be happy to advise and accommodate based on individual circumstances.

Thank you for considering Klippa for your relocation needs.

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