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As a relocation expert you’ll no doubt be familiar with UK cities. From London to Leeds, Cambridge to Cardiff and Birmingham to Bristol, there are some stunning metropolises but aside from the employment prospects, have you ever stopped to think about how happy your relocating professionals will be?

The good news is you don’t have to give it much thought. A new study by York University in Toronto found the secret of happiness is living in a big, bustling city. The lead scientist, Dr Jeanette Bicknell, linked the fast pace and sense of busyness to a feeling of contentment, which leaves city residents satisfied that they have made good use of their time. In fact, Dr Bickenell commented that a person’s use of time contributes as much to their well being as wages and wealth do.

A different study by psychologist Professor Robert Levine, titled ‘The Pace of Life in 31 Counties’ was also referred to by Dr Bicknell, which revealed people in larger cities moved faster than those in less populated areas (the study measured how fast pedestrians covered a distance of 60 feet, as well as the average time it took them to buy a stamp). You may question why this is important but a quicker pace was shown to lead to a stronger economy, with an active city like London containing residents who professionally performed well and felt higher levels of happiness.

When looking at a city’s credentials, there has to be balance, however. On the topic of urban living, pace and wellbeing, Professor Peter Kinderman from the University of Liverpool said a city will only have happy residents if there is an infrastructure in place to offset the damaging effects of a hectic life. Kinderman sites good public transport, affordable housing, green spaces, opportunities for walking and what he calls ‘bump spaces’ – places where people can casually socialize, such as coffee shops – as vital for wellbeing and balance.

Klippa Relocation knows only too well how UK city’s differ, and how each city can have ‘cities within cities’ with wildly varying neighbourhoods. When conducting property viewings and taking professionals on orientation visits, we are adept at steering clients to the best locations and properties for their lifestyle. We have relocation agents in every major UK city and if you’d like to call on our urban expertise, please get in touch.  

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