Securing a Rental Property in High-Demand Locations

Modern houses (2, semi-detached) with a red car parked in front.

Finding and securing a rental property in a busy city or town can be a major hurdle when relocating for a new job, especially in markets where demand outstrips supply. Improving your search strategy is essential for overcoming these challenges. This guide offers essential tips for relocating employees to stand out in competitive rental markets, ensuring a more enjoyable transition to their new city. If you’re an employee relocating for a new role, here are some key tips to improve your home search and make your application stand out.

UK Rental Market Trends

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Klippa Relocation understands the importance of keeping HR and global mobility teams informed and updated about the latest trends and developments in the rental market. Through robust data analysis and market evaluation, critical insights can significantly impact the decision-making process. Let’s dive into the intricate details of recent market shifts and legislative changes to better shape the relocation journey.

Unlocking the Dutch Rental Market

Residential housing in the Netherlands. Parked cars and grass leading to the water's edge in the foreground.

The Netherlands continues to be a hotspot for expatriates due to the significant presence of global companies, especially in its flourishing tech, finance, and diplomatic sectors. Amsterdam, as the capital city, remains a top choice for these professionals, offering a vibrant lifestyle alongside noteworthy economic opportunities. The Dutch rental market reflects this demand, with rental costs in Amsterdam and other major cities continuing to rise given the influx of skilled foreign workers.

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