The Advantages of Comprehensive Relocation Support Packages Over Cash Allowances

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When it comes to employee relocation, companies often lean towards providing cash allowances rather than investing in comprehensive relocation support packages. Although this approach might appear more cost-effective and less time-consuming, it can impede the overall success of the employee’s transition. This article will explore why organisations should at least consider comprehensive relocation support packages over providing cash allowances for their relocating employees.

Customising Relocation Policies to Fit Your Company’s Needs and Budget


Relocation policies play a vital role in supporting employees during their move to a new location. Each policy type offers different benefits and levels of flexibility, catering to various company sizes, budgets, and employee needs. Here’s an expanded overview of the three main types of policies: Standard (Core) Policies, Flex Policies, and Lump Sum Policies.

How to Create Your International Relocation Policy

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An international relocation is a significant life event that can cause stress for both employers and employees. A good relocation policy can facilitate an easier transition for all parties involved. Following on from an earlier post, Why You Need an Employee Relocation Policy, we’ve outlined the most essential components of an international relocation policy, along with helpful hints to guide your company through this process.

Why You Need an Employee Relocation Policy

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Any organisation that wishes to relocate talented employees to new work locations for recruitment, development, knowledge transfer, or group moves should have an employee relocation policy.

Without a policy, the relocation process can be difficult, stressful, and time-consuming for the employee, their family, and the HR team managing the relocation.

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