Preventing Failed Assignments: Relocation Success

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Failed assignments can pose a significant challenge to even the most experienced HR and global mobility teams. Navigating global mobility and ensuring successful overseas assignments is similar to steering a ship through uncharted waters, facing challenges like cultural misunderstandings and logistical issues. However, the benefits of a well-executed overseas assignment are significant for both the employee and the organisation, contributing to growth, innovation, and the development of a truly global workforce.

Skills-Based Hiring: Closing the UK’s Skills Gap

Two women looking at a candidate's resume.

In the face of a glaring skills gap that sees 80% of UK organisations struggling to find skilled talent, it’s clear that the traditional hiring models are losing their efficacy. At the same time, an air of caution hangs over hiring plans, leaving businesses and employees at a critical junction. The solution, as experts are beginning to advocate, lies in a transformative shift towards skills-based hiring. This approach not only helps close the skills gap but also opens up new opportunities for employee growth and organisational development.

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