Rental Market State of Play: January 2024

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In our January 2024 rental market update, we touch upon some key developments in London, Paris, and Amsterdam, cities that continue to attract global interest. London’s rental market presents signs of moderation, according to Rightmove’s recent analysis, while Paris continues to shine with its third consecutive year as the world’s top city destination, bolstered by a thriving tourism industry and the upcoming Olympics. On the other hand, Amsterdam’s rental market faces ongoing challenges, with the non-rent controlled sector experiencing an 8.5% increase in rents.

UK Rental Market Trends

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Klippa Relocation understands the importance of keeping HR and global mobility teams informed and updated about the latest trends and developments in the rental market. Through robust data analysis and market evaluation, critical insights can significantly impact the decision-making process. Let’s dive into the intricate details of recent market shifts and legislative changes to better shape the relocation journey.

Outsourcing Your Employee Relocation – Is it Time?

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Relocating employees is a detailed process that can bring substantial changes to a business unit. Motivated by company expansion, employee recruitment, or internal transfers, it involves various logistical and administrative tasks. Many businesses recognise the value of outsourcing their employee relocation services to simplify the process and boost efficiency. This article proposes that outsourcing employee relocation services can provide numerous strategic benefits that make it an advisable approach for many companies.

UK Credit History: A Guide for Expats

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Living in the UK as an expat comes with its own set of challenges, and building your UK credit history is one of them. Building a healthy credit history is crucial, as it can determine your ability to secure loans, rent a property, or even get a mobile phone contract. This guide will take you through the concept of credit history in the UK and offer practical tips to help you build a strong credit profile.

Managing Expectations in the Employee Relocation Process

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Managing expectations is a critical aspect of the relocation process for HR teams. It encompasses the need to effectively communicate, address challenges, and ensure a smooth transition for employees relocating to a new work location. By understanding the definition and importance of managing expectations, global mobility and HR teams can navigate the complexities of employee relocation more effectively.

Rental Market State of Play: December 2023

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Welcome to our December 2023 Rental Market Overview, where we’ll be giving you the lay of the land on the rental market scene in London, Amsterdam and Paris. We begin with London, which, after months of high averages, has finally started to witness some moderation in rental prices. The City of Light, Paris, is bracing for the upcoming 2024 Olympics, a spectacle that’s projected to have a ripple effect on local rental trends. From the Dutch heartland, Amsterdam sends signals of impending rental price hikes, accentuated by a recent jump in rental costs for the last quarter of 2023. In every city, the market dynamics differ, illustrating the need for tailored insights to navigate the varied landscape. Read on for our comprehensive and informative journey through the rental property markets.

The Future of Global Mobility: Industry Forecasts for 2024

The global mobility industry has faced significant challenges throughout 2023. As we look ahead to 2024, the landscape is set to evolve in several key ways, driven by emerging trends and changing workplace expectations. As companies navigate the future of global mobility, key strategic considerations and steps are being identified to balance employee well-being and organisational success. From the value of hiring expat talent to the impact of remote and hybrid working on global mobility, the year ahead presents a dynamic and transformative environment for the industry.

Rental Market State of Play: November 2023

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As we approach the end of 2023, the rental markets in London, Paris, and Amsterdam continue to evolve, presenting unique opportunities and challenges for those looking to relocate. London maintains its global appeal, ranking first in Resonance Consultancy’s list of the best cities on the planet, with Paris following in second place. Meanwhile, Amsterdam’s recent changes in rental legislation are reshaping its property market. For those seeking expert guidance in navigating their relocation journey, Klippa Relocation is here to provide valuable insights and support, backed by data-driven rental market analysis and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Top 5 UK Cities for Expats: Lifestyle, Cost of Living, Job Opportunities

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Are you considering relocating to the United Kingdom? Expatriates often face crucial decisions when choosing their new home in a foreign land. To make this process easier, we look at the top 5 UK cities for expats, considering various factors such as lifestyle and job opportunities, cost of living, commuting costs, rent, and average salary. As we examine the nuances of living in these British cities, we hope to provide you with a little knowledge to help you make an informed decision regarding your expat experience in the UK.

Talent Management: A Guide for HR Professionals

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As businesses face the dual challenge of filling skill gaps while also maintaining cost efficiency, they may opt for a practice known as quiet hiring. Quiet hiring is centred within the organisation, focusing on leveraging internal talent and opportunities to fill functional gaps without increasing the headcount. Rather than looking outside, it seeks to repurpose existing talent, fostering opportunities for organic growth within its existing workforce. It is an approach that builds on employee retention, development, engagement, and knowledge continuity. One way to facilitate quiet hiring is through employee relocation, a tactic that has the potential to increase both productivity and employee satisfaction.

Rental Market State of Play: October 2023

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Welcome to October’s rental market report, where we delve into the latest insights and trends across three major European cities – London, Amsterdam and Paris. This report provides key rental market data, showcasing the forces that shape the cost and supply of rental properties. From bustling London with its soaring borough-specific rent increases to the ‘bedbug plague’ impinging on Paris’ property market and the legal tensions stirring up Amsterdam’s rental scene, we keep you in sync with the pulse of these dynamic rental landscapes.

Unlocking the Dutch Rental Market

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The Netherlands continues to be a hotspot for expatriates due to the significant presence of global companies, especially in its flourishing tech, finance, and diplomatic sectors. Amsterdam, as the capital city, remains a top choice for these professionals, offering a vibrant lifestyle alongside noteworthy economic opportunities. The Dutch rental market reflects this demand, with rental costs in Amsterdam and other major cities continuing to rise given the influx of skilled foreign workers.

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