UK Credit History: A Guide for Expats

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Living in the UK as an expat comes with its own set of challenges, and building your UK credit history is one of them. Building a healthy credit history is crucial, as it can determine your ability to secure loans, rent a property, or even get a mobile phone contract. This guide will take you through the concept of credit history in the UK and offer practical tips to help you build a strong credit profile.

Managing Expectations in the Employee Relocation Process

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Managing expectations is a critical aspect of the relocation process for HR teams. It encompasses the need to effectively communicate, address challenges, and ensure a smooth transition for employees relocating to a new work location. By understanding the definition and importance of managing expectations, global mobility and HR teams can navigate the complexities of employee relocation more effectively.

The Future of Global Mobility: Industry Forecasts for 2024

The global mobility industry has faced significant challenges throughout 2023. As we look ahead to 2024, the landscape is set to evolve in several key ways, driven by emerging trends and changing workplace expectations. As companies navigate the future of global mobility, key strategic considerations and steps are being identified to balance employee well-being and organisational success. From the value of hiring expat talent to the impact of remote and hybrid working on global mobility, the year ahead presents a dynamic and transformative environment for the industry.

Brexit: Impact Update

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The B word has been somewhat overshadowed by the C word. So we forgive you for being out of the loop since our EU departure. Despite other events, Brexit has happened and it continues to shape our professional, economical and political backdrop. Here’s the latest news you may have missed but it’s delivered heavily caveated, as it’s extremely hard to separate the impact of the pandemic from the effects of Brexit.

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