Relocation Services


To cope with ever increasing prices in the property market and to embrace the changing needs and lifestyles of inbound assignees we have created a new stand alone professional flatshare service.

Remote Services

Through the use of technology and easily accessible platforms we have created a range of services to benefit both our clients and assignees. These have created more transparency for all parties throughout the search process, whilst improving both time and cost efficiencies.

Home Search

Klippa Relocation offers a full suite of home finding services, including pre-assignment evaluation tours, area orientation, housing overview, property preview, home search, settling in and area familiarisation.


Departure services

End of tenancy negotiations can be frustrating and time consuming whether moving domestically or internationally. Klippa Relocation can alleviate the stress and take care of the whole process from start to finish.

Tenancy Management

Klippa tenancy management services deal the administrative/property management burden of lettings, allowing the assignee to focus on their work. Acting in the interest of assignee and the client we use our extensive property management experience to ensure the lettings process is fully compliant and delivers value for all stakeholders.


Inventory Services

Our network offers full UK coverage, all of our clerks are professional and industry certified. We carry out check ins, check outs, inventory makes and periodical inspections. Detailed reports, complete with photographs, are available online within 48 hours from inspection.

Move management

Klippa Relocation has a network of international moving partners allowing us to cater for any move however far a field. Through a rigorous selection process we ensure our partners embody the Klippa brand standards.

Partner assistance

Relocating can be hard on all involved - new country, new job, new school etc. Whether it’s a couple or a family we offer the support needed to make sure the whole process is comfortable and enjoyable.

Furniture rental

Through our trusted partners we are able to provide short or long term furniture solutions. With different ranges available from entry level to prestige, we always ensure all tastes and budgets are satisfied.

Intercultural training

Sometimes the smallest cultural differences can be the most confusing... Through our resources Klippa Relocation can offer end to end training on what to expect at the new destination and an open forum for any questions that arise during the assignment.

Temporary accommodation

Klippa Relocation can provide temporary serviced accommodation throughout the UK. Our network of trusted suppliers offer a full range of solutions to cater for every level of relocating professional and their families.

School support

Whether opting for the state, private or international schooling we can offer impartial advice within the assignees chosen destination. Due to the personal nature of this service our core offerings can be tailored to suit the individual.

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