Renting FAQ

How do you calculate the monthly rent?

Take your weekly rent eg. £300, multiply that by 52 (the weeks in the year) and then divide that number by 12 (the months in the year)

Is the rent negotiable?

Sometimes it can be depending on the landlord and the individual circumstances. However when making an offer on the property we advise offering the asking price or as close to the asking price as possible. 

What’s included in the rent?

This differs between properties and will be specified by the agent. 

Will I be liable for any hidden cost on top of the rent?

There are no hidden costs as such but unless specified otherwise you will be liable for the council tax and utility bills. 

Can my landlord increase my rent during the tenancy?

If the landlord wishes to increase your rent then it will have to be written into the contract therefore you will have the chance to disagree before the contract is signed. However it is common practice for landlords to increase rent on a yearly basis but it can be written in the contract that they cannot increase it by more than the current RPI which is 1.1% (as of February 2015)

When will my rent be due?

Your rent will be due on the same date every month and it will fall on the day that you move in to the property. For example if you move in to the property on the 15th then your rent will be due on the 15th of every month. 

How do I pay my rent?

Most commonly it will be via standing order or bank transfer, however some agents will accept cheques or cash but this is not common practice.