Property Viewings FAQ

When will I receive my itinerary?

You will receive your completed itinerary no later than 7pm the day before your home search viewing day.

How many properties can I expect to see?

We will aim to show you between 6 and 10 properties per viewing day; however, this will be dependent upon current market conditions and how flexible your requirements are.

Will I have a chance to preview the properties and make a shortlist?

Wherever possible, you will be given the opportunity to pre-screen and shortlist properties prior to your viewing day.

What happens if I find some properties myself?

You are free to carry out your own research; however, we advise that you only attend viewings with us, as we are completely impartial and will provide you with unbiased advice on the properties you see. Our goal is to help you find the best property for you, whereas estate agents work on commission and will be looking to rent you the property whether it is right for you or not.

There seem to be a lot of properties online that suit my needs; why are they not included on my itinerary?

Although online sites are a good place to start in terms of research, they are not always a reliable source of available properties. Many properties advertised online have already been let or are not available within the timescales that you need. Klippa contacts estate agents directly in order to source the most recent properties matching your requirements.

What time will we start?

Your day will usually start around 10am and finish around 3pm. We do so to avoid peak-time traffic and allow for estate agent’s morning meetings.

When and where will we meet?

Your meeting time and location will be shared with you no later than 7pm the day before your home search viewing day. The meeting point will usually be the first property, a convenient local landmark, or a train station.

How will we get from viewing to viewing?

Travel between viewings will be via car with your Klippa consultant; however, in certain locations, it may be necessary to use public transport or walk between viewings. Your Klippa consultant will discuss this with you during the initial needs assessment call, and any special requirements will be taken into account.

Can I bring my partner/friend?

You are welcome to bring a partner or friend along for advice; however, please discuss this in advance with your Klippa consultant to confirm there is sufficient space in their car.

Can I bring my children?

Children are welcome; however, it is crucial that an appropriate and/or legal car seat is available. Please discuss this in advance with your Klippa consultant.

Due to work commitments, I’d prefer to do viewings in the evenings. Is this possible?

It can be difficult to arrange viewings outside of normal working hours because the agent usually needs to be present. Also, tenanted properties can be less flexible with access.

It would be beneficial for me to attend in the mornings or afternoons only. Can I split a day?

It is not normally possible to split a service day across more than one calendar date. Please discuss this with your Klippa consultant, and we will try to find a suitable solution.

Would it be possible to do viewings on a Saturday?

Saturdays are the most popular viewing days due to the normal Monday-Friday week. For this reason, competition for viewing slots is higher, and there is a greater number of cancellations due to access restrictions. We can accommodate Saturday viewings; however, Tuesday through Friday are statistically more successful dates of the week.

Thank you for considering Klippa for your relocation needs.

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