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The flow of professionals to the UK shores is and will be the backbone of your business but with Brexit edging closer to its conclusion, it’s time to adapt to a shifting employment market and uncharted waters ahead. Already the UK is flexing and reforming in line with economic conditions and speculation, and here’s our round-up of the latest trends to watch:-

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Relocating to or within the UK will be, to an extent driven by where the employment is. But with such exceptional transport connections and so many wonderful locations, it’s quite possible to live some distance from a workplace and still manage the daily commute.

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Is there anarchy in the world of private rentals? No, not really but you may be fooled into thinking there’s chaos and disorder when actually there’s a smart revolution happening. It’s all down to two buzz phrases: prop tech and disruptive strategies.

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It may be a new year but are you plagued by old worries? Drawing closer is BREXIT and with negotiations advancing between super powers, the threat of an employment exodus crystallises.

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