Depending on your standpoint, the BREXIT outcome illustrated how fickle people can be when it comes to voting, especially when they’re wooed by headline-making promises. One could argue that the return of blue British passports and a greater sense of patriotism was enough to vote ‘leave’ and if the general public continues to be influenced by somewhat gimmicky policies – and not by a whole manifesto - we may be heading for an employment revolution.

Apple watch

We have written before about the threat robots pose to the workplace but while we feel a certain level of comfort that robots are somewhat in the future – and maybe not of our generation – there are more pressing advances that will be quick to adopt and change the office dynamic forever.

Delivery person

The gig economy is a funny term, conjuring up images of jobbing musicians turning up with battered guitar cases but it’s a highly professional employment concept that has a bearing on the relocation industry. It’s also a concept that’s now gone mainstream.

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As a relocation expert you’ll no doubt be familiar with UK cities. From London to Leeds, Cambridge to Cardiff and Birmingham to Bristol, there are some stunning metropolises but aside from the employment prospects, have you ever stopped to think about how happy your relocating professionals will be?

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