Why hotels aren’t the answer

If you’re looking to accommodate professionals on a short-term basis, it can be tempting to opt for a hotel. Many people romanticise about housekeeping and room service on an everyday basis but the reality can be very different (and very expensive).

Take for example Jose Mourinho, the recently departed Manchester United manager. He had been living in the city’s Lowry Hotel since 2016, racking up a reputed bill of £500,000 thanks to a suite costing more than £800 per night. A quick check on Rightmove reveals even the most expensive property to rent in Manchester city – a three-bedroom penthouse in The Edge development – would have saved Mourinho over £250,000 during his two year, five month employment. Although I’m sure this wasn’t a concern for him!

Rented short lets provide a proper home-from-home environment, complete privacy, outdoor space and flexibility. Relocators can bring relatives, furniture and even pets with them, which isn’t always possible if they opt for a hotel. Another often overlooked aspect of rented accommodation is the provision of a permanent address. The continuity of having a fixed abode should never be underestimated as people often need a record of permanent addresses to obtain any form of credit.

Rented accommodation can often be more flexible than hotel living. The choice is wide and in varied locations, and is more bespoke than formulaic, with ‘bills included’ packages and fully furnished properties for those who prefer travel light. Also expect a weekly cleaner, reliable wifi and tenancies that can be extended on a weekly or monthly basis to flex in line with the employer, the project or the contract in question.

Short-term lets are also becoming more sophisticated to keep pace with hotels, with concierge-style services offered by managing agents and developers. The Edge – mentioned above – is just one of many new developments in the UK where the property to rent is part of an overall lifestyle. Expect to find exclusive resident-only gyms and spas, cinemas, hot desking facilities, a concierge service that will organise dry cleaning, make dinner reservations and even walk dogs, and drivers who ferry residents to the nearest train station.

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