Tablet technology improves the relocation process

It wasn’t too long ago that arranging property viewings and orientation sessions involved oversized A-Z maps, reams of printed materials and paper diaries bulging with a myriad of appointments*.

Today, however, our consultants on the ground are using the latest technology to make property visits and the relocation process as accurate and easy as possible for clients. You’ll always find the latest large-screen tablet in our briefcases, ready to exploit the 4G network and provision of wifi.

When creating itineraries, we use an electronic format that can be shared with the client and updated in real-time so they can manage their day according to the schedule – a really crucial point if they have flown in especially for the purpose of viewing property or if they are slotting in viewings around business meetings.

Lettings is a fast-paced industry and that’s where technology really comes into its own in the relocation process. With properties being snapped up in lightning quick time – and being replaced by new alternatives in the blink of an eye – we can use the connectivity of our tablets and instant messaging to liaise with letting agents to quickly alter schedules and fill cancelled slots on the road. This makes sure every minute spent with the client is used effectively (and is seamlessly organised without inconveniencing the client). Just think, we used to rely on nothing more than landlines and would often turn up to properties to find the appointment cancelled or the address wrong!

We also use our tablets to brief people between viewings, showing them floor plans, photographs and Google street views ahead of appointments. We find it speeds up the decision-making process and focuses the mind.

Tablets are also an invaluable tool when it comes to orientation. We use mapping software to illustrate where a client’s new place of work, local amenities, public transport links and shops will be in relation to a property they are viewings. This allows them to visualise how one property might be better suited than another. 

Finally, we understand that many of our clients are working to tight schedules, therefore we always bookmark live train and Tube departure boards so we can check if the client will be on time for their next meeting. And we’re more than happy to check airline and airport websites to see if there are delays to any flights being taken.

*While wifi and 4G technology are brilliant tools for real-time checks and planning, our consultants still have an old-fashioned backup plan, so don’t be surprised to find a paper diary, an A-Z and a set of printed instruction in their briefcase! Just like a boy scout, we like to be prepared.


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