Relocation tourism becomes 2019 trend

Whether we wake up and realise that the world is still turning after BREXIT or seismic political shifts mean our EU departure doesn’t happen at all, relocation to the UK from outside of our own country will still happen. Whether talent comes from within Europe or from continents further afield, one trend has been noted across the industry and that is relocation tourism.

The notion that a location can appeal to a professional just as much as a job stems from the tech sector, where professionals, such as developers, are using holidays abroad to scope out new destinations as well as career prospects. In fact, there’s an in-depth study on the subject and you can dig deeper by reading: Blurring Relocation Categories and Motivation Patterns among Expatriates, which explores the boundaries and relations between leisure tourism and international work relocations.

2019 looks set to remain a candidates’ market, meaning professionals can cherry pick where they move to by looking at a wider set of markers over and above a wage. Relocation tourism gives people the chance to size up settings, property available, cultural highlights and infrastructure ahead of a move. In this respect, orientation will play an increasingly important role in relocation moving forwards, especially during the discovery phase.

Of course, the logistics and timings of a move will continue to be high on the agenda but with relocation tourism set to flourish, giving professionals a sense of place and destination awareness will be crucial.

Relocation tourism can be divided into two areas: premeditated tourism and scoping tourism. Premeditated tourism is when candidates visit knowing there is already a job for them. In this case, orientation goes hand-in-hand with the search for a property. Facets, such as commuting, schools and leisure facilities, will help narrow down the perfect place to call home – fine tuning to the extent of desired postcode or even road. Pre-planned visits also give you the chance to meet the relocator in person and demonstrate your local knowledge.

Scoping tourism works in tandem with newer recruitment strategies, such as talent sourcing and inbound recruiting. These strategies are a continual drive to put a company or brand on a professional’s radar in hope of convincing them their next job is with them. Selling a location and a lifestyle is up there with salary and career progression. Having an orientation and property expert on board creates a compelling package when you’re hoping to secure candidates who are in a speculative frame of mind.

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