Klippa & Noah Mobility: Redefining Relocation with Personalised, Sustainable Solutions

Klippa Relocation is excited to announce our new partnership with Noah Mobility, a company revolutionising the relocation process for both businesses and individuals through their innovative platform, ARK ONE. This partnership aligns with Klippa’s commitment to providing high-touch, personalised services while maintaining a strong focus on operational excellence and sustainability. By joining forces with Noah Mobility, we aim to set a new standard in the relocation industry.

Noah Mobility’s ARK ONE: Empowering Clients with Consultant Selection

Central to our partnership is the ARK ONE platform, designed to empower clients by connecting them with a global network of relocation service providers. This platform allows clients to select consultants best suited to their needs, ensuring a more personalised and effective relocation experience.

Key features of ARK ONE include:

  1. Intuitive, user-friendly interface for effortless navigation and area specialist selection
  2. Access to a worldwide network of vetted and experienced relocation service providers
  3. Customised area specialist recommendations tailored to clients’ unique requirements
  4. Streamlined communication tools for seamless collaboration between clients and area specialists
  5. Transparent pricing and flexible service selection options

High-Touch, Personalised Service

Klippa’s commitment to offering personalised, high-touch services naturally aligns with Noah Mobility’s emphasis on a customer-centric approach. Our account management team collaborates closely with clients, understanding their distinct requirements and adapting our services to meet those needs. In line with Noah Mobility’s objective of putting people first, Klippa concentrates on nurturing solid relationships with clients and maintaining their satisfaction at each stage of the process. Our partnership with Noah Mobility enhances our ability to offer unparalleled support to our clients.


Klippa recognises the importance of minimising our environmental impact and is committed to promoting sustainability across all aspects of our business. Through our partnership with Noah Mobility, we are able to actively promote a more ecologically sensitive relocation industry while also reaffirming our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The digital-first approach of the ARK ONE platform plays a significant role in contributing to a greener and more sustainable relocation industry. By switching to a digital environment, we can reduce paper waste, printing-related energy use, and the carbon footprint left behind by moving physical documents. 

As we embark on this new partnership, we look forward to working closely with Noah Mobility to revolutionise the relocation industry and deliver a truly seamless, personalised experience for our clients.

Thank you for considering Klippa for your relocation needs.

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