Come Fly With Me!

The summer season is over and while the media was focused on the plight of passport-clutching holidaymakers desperate in their bid to escape to sunnier climes, professionals trying to travel across continents to relocate for business were virtually unreported.

Many of the challenges that beset overseas travel earlier this year are being overcome by a new, simpler grading system introduced by the Government on 4th October 2021. Those entering and leaving the UK will no longer have to navigate the ‘traffic lights system’, with its replacement just a single red list. The amber category will be abolished and if a country is not on the red list, it automatically gains ‘green’ status and is clear for travel. 

Coming back to the UK will also be made much easier, with fully vaccinated travellers no longer required to take a test before beginning their return journey to the UK. In addition, and starting at the end of October, day-two tests can be completed using a lateral flow kit, rather than a PCR test. 

This news was quickly followed by a very welcome announcement from across the pond. America’s strict travel restrictions will be lifted in November, paving the way for freer travel from the UK, the EU and other nations. There are caveats, however, but nothing that can’t easily be overcome with planning. Travellers to the US will need to be fully vaccinated, wear a mask during travel, undergo testing and participate in contact tracing. There will, however, be no need to quarantine upon arrival into the States. 

The combination of freer travel within the EU and flight routes to the US opening up has provided the international business community with a huge boost, especially as professionals from Ireland, China, India and Brazil will also be covered by the US’s relaxing of travel rules. 

“We know the recent announcements have given business owners, HR departments and relocation professionals new confidence in organising the movement of staff,” comments Keir Jones at Klippa Relocation, “but there will be pent up demand and very busy skies over the coming months. Our full suite of accommodation, orientation and move management services exists to support HR professionals who may find the coming weeks and months overwhelming, especially given the forecast uptick of international reshuffling.” 

Keir adds that Klippa Relocation’s working partnerships will take the headache out of planning international travel: “The floodgates have opened in terms of overseas business and workloads will increase, as travellers still have to jump through a few hoops before boarding an aeroplane.” 

“Those using ReloDrive – our business alliance with TripIt and ExpatRide – will enjoy TripIt’s travel planning, itinerary creation and real-time alerts, together with Klippa’s accommodation and re-settling expertise, and ExaptRide’s car leasing and airport transfers for much smoother, more co-ordinated relocation programmes. It’s just what’s needed as travel corridors refill once again.”


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