2020 trends: New Year, brand new jobs

There’s no better event to focus the mind than the start not only of a new year, but of a new decade too. Countless surveys among workers show that January is the most popular month for changing jobs and one report even pinpointed the 31st January as the day Brits are most likely to hand in a resignation letter.

And who can blame them? Our employment market is rapidly changing, with new and exciting roles being created on an almost daily basis. Klippa Relocation expects 2020 to be a buoyant year for corporate relocations, which have become a crucial part of skills matching across the jobs market. Along with professionals chasing new opportunities, the result of the General Election and Brexit will also play its part in the movement of experienced workers and specialists. 

LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Job Report predicts professionals from India and the US will be among those employed to fill next year’s emerging roles within the UK. However, it also feels ongoing Brexit negations won’t deter European professionals just yet, with workers relocating from Spain, Germany and the Netherlands to fill vacancies.

In demand: vacancies in 2020

The same LinkedIn report also detailed the UK’s top-two industries that were employing for emerging jobs: information technology & services and computer software. In fact, the buzz word for the next 12 months is STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths, and it is in these disciplines that we expect to see a raft of new jobs being created.

STEM recruitment specialist, Bond Williams, has already forecast its top five vacancies for 2020 comprising: software engineer, project engineer, system engineer, electrical design engineer and maintenance engineer.

LinkedIn concurs in its STEM-led job predictions, citing its top three emerging jobs as artificial intelligence specialist, data protection officer and robotics engineer. It’s not all about IT, however. Late in 2019, The Telegraph reported a national shortage of nuclear engineers and environmental conservation offices, joining a national shortfall of computer forensic analysts.

Where will relocators go?

Although the focus will remain on London, the exact whereabouts in the capital is a shifting dynamic. LinkedIn says the borough of Hillingdon – home to Heathrow Airport and a number of aviation companies – saw the highest year-on-year growth (41%) when it came to emerging jobs.

Outside of London, businesses are starting to look at smaller cities as a base for new openings, with Belfast (39%), Cardiff (35%) and Nottingham (35%) all experiencing positive increases in year-on-year emerging job growth.

Finding professionals a place to live

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